New! - Composite floors for intense traffic.  In USA, Japan and Western Europe is considered the floor of the XXI st century.

Self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles for medium traffic (residential use)

  • Dimensions: 305x305x1,2 mm; a surface of 1 sq.m. can be covered with 10.75 tiles.
  • Various patterns, from different geometrical figures to grit stone, marble or wood-like patterns, in a wide range of colors.
  • The tiles are composed by 3 layers: one of pure vinyl, one of homogenous vinyl  and the film that provides the pattern. This third layer is a transparent film that provides the lustre, hardness and the wear resilience for a long period.
  • The adhesive is protected by a waxed paper.
  • The tiles are very easy to assemble and can be cut in any shape, according to the space requirements (pipes, uneven walls, door frames, etc.)
  • Mainly, the tiles can be assembled on a plane, dried concrete floor, with as little asperities as possible and low porosity. The adhesive can be used on any surface complying with the above mentioned requirements.
  • It is recommended for any interior surface (kitchen, bathroom, hall, living room, bedroom, closet, etc.)
  • When a plate is damaged, it can be easily removed and replaced, by using a heating source (such an iron)
  • This type of floor can be easily maintained and it doesn’t require special detergents or special care.
  • The assembling costs can be considered zero, as the tiles are so easy to assemble.
  • The tiles are delivered from our warehouse in Bucharest, according to our available stocks, based on a pre-order
  • Packages of 45 tiles/box, meaning 4.18 sq.m./box
No. Specifications Norms U/M Determined value Reference value
1. Dimensional deviations
UNI 8273


1,2 sau 2,2±1%
2. Dimensional stability DIN 51962 mm 0,40 max. 0,3
3. Water absorption ASTM, D570 % 0,02 max. 1,0
4. Stamping depth DIN 519555 mm 0,10 max. 0,12
5. Resilience to light ISO 105 grad 6 6
6. Resilience to chemical agents DIN 51958 - adequate
7. Resilience to fire (combustible class) CSE RF3/ 77 RF2 class C3 C3
8. Abrasion ASTM D4060 % 0,00004 max. 0,1

Technically approved products by SC A-MED SRL Bucharest, No. 020-04/102-2003 Prolonging the technical approval no. 002-04/647-2000